Does thinking about starting bar review leave you feeling lost and confused?

Do you find yourself wondering what exactly is expected of you? How will you get all the work done? And what do you REALLY need to do in order to pass the bar exam? These fears are totally normal. You don’t know what to expect out of bar review because you have never done it before! There is a tremendous amount of material to learn and at times it can feel unmanageable. With the right tools, organizational skills, knowledge, and mentorship you CAN pass the bar exam and find constructive ways to deal with your fears and anxieties.

Imagine waking up every day during bar review feeling confident that you have the exact plan you need in place to pass the bar exam.

You know the exact level of work and commitment that goes into the passing the bar exam. More than that you know which activities are best for you to engage in to improve your score. You don’t need to feel completely overwhelmed and stressed out all the time. Even better, you don’t have to concern yourself with what everyone else is doing because you know you have all the tools you need to be successful.

This is where Bar Exam Kickoff comes in. It provides you, step by step, with the information you need to confidently create your own customized bar exam plan.

Here is what you will experience in Bar Exam Kickoff

  • 1

    Digital classes

    4 info packed classes about each component of the bar exam and study strategies

  • 2

    Easy to follow workbooks

    4 workbooks with practical tools for bar exam success and space for note-taking during lessons.

  • 3

    Recordings to keep forever

    You get to keep lessons forever so that you can come back and review them whenever you want.

  • 4

    Weekly emails

    Each week you will receive two emails containing your workbooks, recaps of the sessions, and additional information and motivation.

  • 5

    Bonus guide

    You will receive an extra bonus guide: 7 Requirements For Passing the Bar Exam That Have Nothing To Do With Intelligence.

I am ready to take control of my bar exam study plan

Here are all the details on each info packed lesson

Lesson #1

● Welcome to Bar Exam Kickoff!
● Overview of the components of the Unified Bar Exam
● Explanation of Prep+Check the Ultimate Bar Exam Preparedness Checklist
● How to choose the perfect bar review company (and a discussion of other available bar review resources)
● Making bar review work for you (a guide to customizing your bar review experience)
● Self-Care Workbook (a guide to making sure you don’t totally lose your shit during bar review)
● Review of the Bar Exam Shopping List to make sure you have all the goods you need to be successful
● Action step worksheet

Lesson #2

● MBE details: What is it? What is it’s purpose? What subjects are tested?
● Strategy + preparation tactics (including an MBE tracker)
● Suggestions for breaking down the law
● MBE tips + tricks (general, subject specific, and how to guess)
● Deep dive into 5 MBE questions (get in my head and learn the exact method I use to tackle MBE questions)
● Action step worksheet

Lesson #3

● MEE details. What is it? What subjects are tested? What is it’s purpose?
● Strategy + preparation tactics (include my prewriting template and samples of how to prewrite)
● Step by Step breakdown of 2 MEE essays including
○ Reading through and issue spotting in real time
○ Sample Outline for each
○ Sample Rubric for each
○ Sample Answer for each
● Action step worksheet

Lesson #4

MPT details. What is it? What skills are tested? What types might I see?
● Strategy + preparation tactics (including an awesome outlining and time saving strategy)
● Real time read through of an MPT including:
○ MPT Point Sheet
○ Sample Rubric
○ Sample Chart
○ Sample Outline
○ Sample Answer
● Action step worksheet

Are you ready to say YES to facing bar review with less stress and more confidence?


I met Kerriann during my first year of law school. One of the things I appreciated the most is her commitment in helping others. She always made herself available to me, whether she helped me with a homework assignment, taught me the skills and techniques of how to perfect a law school essay, or even just listened to me talk or vent at the library at 10pm. Kerriann’s constant motivation and her always striving to make sure I did well is what quickly turned her from a tutor into a good friend. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. As a law student, ensuring that you have some type of a stress-reliever is a necessity and Kerriann was definitely one of mine! I am so thankful to have had her as a support system through one of the most challenging journeys of my life!

Gail Z.

I did not do well the first time I took the New York State Bar exam, I was a nervous wreck who could not get out of her own way. I decided to take the test again, but was even more nervous the second time around. I decided to start working with Kerriann Stout, and this eliminated my concerns. Right from the start, she helped me relax with her honest support and well-designed study plans. The Bar exam is an overwhelming mind game, but Kerriann helped me prepare in the most efficient and productive manner. Our goal wasn’t just to have me pass the bar, but to excel and get a great score. That is why, three months after the test, the material is still in my brain, a part of my legal knowledge. Keriann got me ready for the NYS Bar exam in the least stressful way possible. Her approach ensured that I had all the materials I needed and was in the proper head-space once I sat down to take the exam. Just doing this would be amazing, but she also helped me get through the whole process with all of my relationships healthy and intact. She was able to accomplish this through her brilliant mental support and I could not have done this without her.

Miriam L.

I worked with Kerriann while I was studying for the New York State bar exam the second time around. I was feeling discouraged and did not know where to start with studying again. Kerriann was more than just a tutor to me. She was more often a friend, a supporter, a motivator, and someone that kept me focused. She was there every step of the way not only making sure I was doing the work, but also making sure that the work I was doing was beneficial to me. What I found most amazing about Kerriann’s technique was the fact that she cared about how I was doing. Yes, the work was important, but she taught me that the more I took care of myself, the more productive I would be and the more likely I would see positive results. And she was right! I passed the bar exam the second time around, not by studying longer hours or by knowing more information, but by taking care of myself, being confident in myself, and using my time more productively. All of these things, along with Kerriann’s study techniques, are no doubt part of the reason behind my bar exam success. Thanks Kerriann!

The Bar Exam Kickoff Program


● Takes all the guesswork out of preparing for the bar exam


● Gives detailed tips and tricks for preparing for the MBE, MEE, and MPT


● Explains proven strategies to managing stress and anxiety during bar review


● Provides everything you need to conquer bar review with less stress and more confidence


You only want to take the bar exam once. Bar Exam Kickoff gives you your best chance of making that happen.

I am ready to take control of my bar exam study plan

Ready to meet your Bar Exam Kickoff Coach?

Hi, I’m Kerriann, founder of Vinco and your Bar Exam Kickoff Coach. I help students conquer the bar exam with less stress and more confidence.  Helping students pass the bar exam is my absolute life passion. My career coaching law students started accidently during my 2L year. I was working as a “Dean’s Scholar” at my law school running studying sessions for 1Ls in Con Law, Torts and Criminal Law and formed some wonderful relationships with my students. The ones that put in the time and effort saw great improvement in their study methods, stress levels and, of course, grades. The following semester a few of them asked me to work with them privately for Evidence. I excitedly said yes and, while I didn’t really know it at the time, the idea for Vinco was born.

I continued coaching law students for the rest of my law school career. After graduation, I took and passed the New York and New Jersey bar exams. I was still coaching law students and was approached by bar exam candidates for coaching as well. At this point I decided it was time to turn this casual hobby of mine into a full time job. Vinco was formally founded in 2015 and I have been full steam ahead helping students through law school and the bar exam ever since. Additionally, I have had years of experience working in law school academic success departments and have worked with hundreds of students in that capacity to help them pass the bar exam. Most recently I took and passed the Unified Bar Exam in Vermont in 2016.

I am ready to take control of my bar exam study plan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    Who is it for?

    Anyone getting ready to take the UBE in any jurisdiction in the next year.

  • 2

    Why you need it?

    You don’t want to wait until you are already studying for the bar to learn ABOUT the bar and figure out your strategy. Planning ahead is planning for success.

  • 3

    When and where does Kickoff meet?

    Anywhere and everywhere! Kickoff is a prerecorded video series.

  • 4

    My law school offers a bar prep program, should I take Bar Exam Kickoff too?

    I may be a little biased but, YES! To be clear though, you should totally take anything and everything your law school offers for bar review (in fact, this is one of my first tips in Kickoff!) because when it comes to the bar exam more and earlier tends to be better!

  • 5

    Can’t I just find all this information out online?

    Maybe some of it. But, I’m a real live person with years of experience helping students successfully pass the bar exam. Let me share my top tips and tricks for passing the bar exam with you and help you create a customized plan so that you can face bar review with more confidence and less stress.

  • 6

    Can you guarantee I will pass the bar exam?

    I’m pretty sure you know the answer to this is no! I wish I could. Trust me. But, I can’t. What I CAN guarantee is that you will go through bar review with less stress and more confidence!

  • 7

    Does Bar Exam Kickoff replace a commercial bar review program?

    No. Think of Kickoff as more of a preview to bar review. I recommend taking Kickoff between 2-8 months before taking the bar exam so you have plenty of time to develop your strategy and mentally prepare for bar prep. Kickoff is a skills and strategy based program and does not provide the law or practice material that a commercial bar review program does.

  • 8

    Is Kickoff for me if I am a bar exam retaker?

    Yes! Most people do not fail the bar exam for lack of effort or knowledge. Usually people fail because they did not study the right things in the right way. Kickoff is a how to guide for bar exam prep and will help you diagnosis what went wrong the first time.

  • 9

    What is your refund policy?

    We will honor requests for refunds that occur within 7 days of purchase.

I am ready to take control of my bar exam study plan