Kerriann Stout

Thanks for stopping by! I am excited for the opportunity to energize, educate, and entertain at your event. I love engaging with law students, college students, soon-to-be bar exam candidates, new lawyers, law professors, and bar associations. I will craft an interesting, relevant, and unique presentation to meet your needs. I am happy to deliver a keynote speech, lead a breakout session, or sit on a panel.

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Speaking topics


  • The 3Rs of Stress Management (for law students, bar exam candidates, or lawyers)
  • Time management and productivity hacks
  • Thriving in a non-traditional legal career
  • Managing and overcoming student loan debt
  • 7 requirements for passing the bar exam that have nothing to do intelligence
  • Tips for deciding whether to go to law school
  • Issues related to woman in the legal field
  • What happens when disaster strikes in law school?
  • Tips for teaching millennial students
  • Moving on when your dreams are crushed
  • Overcoming achievement fatigue: a lesson in making intentional career choices
  • Unified Bar Exam Related Topics:
    • Bar exam study plans
    • MBE tips and tricks
    • MEE tips and tricks
    • MPT tips and tricks

Previous Speaking Engagements 

Association of American Law Schools Conference

January 2016: “What your Students Want you to Know About Preparing Them for the Bar Exam”

Association of Academic Support Educators Conference

May 2016: “What your Students Want you to Know About Preparing Them for the Bar Exam”

May 2017: “Calm Minds, Confident Students: The Benefit of Teaching Mindfulness in Law School”

New York Academic Support Workshop

April 2016: “The Missing Link: How teaching mindfulness can fill the gaps in ASP programming”

April 2017: “ASP Power Hours: Making Students More Productive”