Kerriann Stout

Thanks for stopping by! I am excited for the opportunity to energize, educate, and entertain at your event. I love engaging with law students, college students, soon-to-be bar exam candidates, new lawyers, law professors, and bar associations. I will craft an interesting, relevant, and unique presentation to meet your needs. I am happy to deliver a keynote speech, lead a breakout session, or sit on a panel.

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Kerriann is a treasure-trove of knowledge as it relates to law school, the bar exam, and the millennial student. In every presentation, she is thoughtful and witty, keeping her audiences entertained while delivering content that is timely and valuable. She is truly an expert in these subjects and any audience would benefit from hearing her speak. 

– Danielle K.

Speaking topics


  • The 3Rs of Stress Management (for law students, bar exam candidates, or lawyers)
  • Time management and productivity hacks
  • Thriving in a non-traditional legal career
  • Managing and overcoming student loan debt
  • 7 requirements for passing the bar exam that have nothing to do intelligence
  • Tips for deciding whether to go to law school
  • Issues related to woman in the legal field
  • What happens when disaster strikes in law school?
  • Tips for teaching millennial students
  • Moving on when your dreams are crushed
  • Overcoming achievement fatigue: a lesson in making intentional career choices
  • Unified Bar Exam Related Topics:
    • Bar exam study plans
    • MBE tips and tricks
    • MEE tips and tricks
    • MPT tips and tricks

Previous Speaking Engagements 

Association of American Law Schools Conference

January 2016: “What your Students Want you to Know About Preparing Them for the Bar Exam”

Association of Academic Support Educators Conference

May 2016: “What your Students Want you to Know About Preparing Them for the Bar Exam”

May 2017: “Calm Minds, Confident Students: The Benefit of Teaching Mindfulness in Law School”

New York Academic Support Workshop

April 2016: “The Missing Link: How teaching mindfulness can fill the gaps in ASP programming”

April 2017: “ASP Power Hours: Making Students More Productive”