Do you find yourself wondering what exactly is expected of you? How will you get all the work done? And what do you REALLY need to do in order to pass the bar exam? These fears are totally normal. You don’t know what to expect out of bar review because you have never done it before! There is a tremendous amount of material to learn and at times it can feel unmanageable. With the right tools, organizational skills, knowledge, and mentorship you CAN pass the bar exam and find constructive ways to deal with your fears and anxieties.

Imagine waking up every day during bar review feeling confident that you have the exact plan you need in place to pass the bar exam.

You know the exact level of work and commitment that goes into the passing the bar exam. More than that you know which activities are best for you to engage in to improve your score. You don’t need to feel completely overwhelmed and stressed out all the time. Even better, you don’t have to concern yourself with what everyone else is doing because you know you have all the tools you need to be successful.
This is where Bar Exam Blueprint comes in. It provides you, step by step, with the information you need for your own customized bar exam plan.

We’ve bottled up all our best bar exam tips, tricks, and strategies and turned them in a quick, easy to understand and implement course.  All the customization of private bar exam coaching at a quarter of the cost. So why in the world would we give all our best bar exam secrets at this price? We want to make bar exam success affordable and accessible to everyone who wants it. Blueprint is the perfect option for the motivated, self-starter, who needs an extra boost to cross the bar exam finish line.

Bar Exam Blueprint

  • Takes all the guesswork out of preparing for the bar exam
  • Gives detailed tips and tricks for preparing for the MBE, MEE, and MP
  • Explains proven strategies to managing stress and anxiety during bar review
  • Provides everything you need to conquer bar review with less stress and more confidence
  • All the customization of bar exam coaching at 1/4 of the price


Who is Blueprint for?
Anyone planning to take the bar exam in a UBE jurisdiction in the next year
Can you guarantee I'll pass the bar exam if I take Blueprint?
We’re pretty sure you know the answer to this is no! We  wish we could. Trust us. But, we can’t. What we CAN guarantee is that you will go through bar review with less stress and more confidence!
When and where does Blueprint Live meet?
Online! We we us a video application called Zoom. It is awesome and totally free to you to use. The session takes place at a date and time of your choosing.
When and where does Blueprint Live meet?
Online! We we us a video application called Zoom. It is awesome and totally free to you to use. The session takes place at a date and time of your choosing.
My law school offers a bar prep program can I still benefit from Blueprint?
We may be a little biased but, YES! To be clear though, you should totally take anything and everything your law school offers for bar review because when it comes to the bar exam more and earlier tends to be better.
Can’t I just find all this information out online?
Maybe some of it. But, we are real live people with years of experience helping students successfully pass the bar exam. Let us share our top tips and tricks for passing the bar exam with you and help you create a customized plan so that you can face bar review with more confidence and less stress.
Does Blueprint replace a commercial bar review program?
No. Think of Blueprint as more of a plan for how to use your bar prep course and a skills and mindset supplement. Blueprint is a skills and strategy based program and does not provide the law or practice material that a commercial bar review program does.
Is Blueprint for me if I am a bar exam re-taker?
Yes! Most people do not fail the bar exam for lack of effort or knowledge. Most students fail because they did not study the right things in the right way. Blueprint is a how to guide for bar exam prep and will help you diagnosis what went wrong the first time.
What is your refund policy?

Blueprint: No refunds. All content is delivered immediately

Blueprint Live: If cancel before live session a $200 refund will be given (video content is delivered immediately and cannot be refunded)