It was no accident that I stumbled upon Kerriann and Vinco through Facebook. I was not in the top half of my class and was actually told that because of my class rank, I was very likely to fail the Bar exam. I decided to not let that happen. I knew if I armed myself with the right tools I could pass the bar exam.   So, after participating in an online contest hosted by Vinco, I reached out to Kerriann and she helped me forever change the perception I had of my academic capabilities and myself. Because I was working full time, Kerriann made a study plan suited for me and my work schedule.

She held me accountable for my studies and encouraged me every day to do more and do better. She understood my weaknesses and frustrations and helped me work through them. She even figured out my learning style and incorporated it into my study tasks. In addition to support from my friends, family, and boyfriend, Kerriann was an anchor helping me stay grounded during the entire process. I truly believe it is because of Kerriann’s amazing abilities that I was able to pass the Bar exam on the first try. I am now a licensed attorney and it would not have been possible without Kerriann’s help.   For those of you who are struggling with the decision to get a tutor- you will have success because Kerriann is the best!


I sat for the NYS Bar Exam two times, missing a passing score by 1 point each time, before deciding that I needed to take a huge step back and reevaluate. I met up with Kerriann and had a discussion about my life goals and whether or not I truly wanted to become a licensed attorney. She helped me to realize that I was letting my anxiety and Type A personality get in the way of my lifelong dream.  From that moment forward Kerriann was my emotional sounding board, a person I could go to about anything and everything during my bar study.

As she said, it wasn’t about my knowledge of the material; it was me learning how to manage my personality and stress. But make no mistake, Kerriann knew the law and how to win the game of the bar exam as well. She helped me adjust my studying with the change of the exam to the UBE and guided me on what topics were best to focus my time and energy on. Kerriann was my biggest support, an amazing tutor and is now a great friend. She truly believed in me and it showed.


I honestly believe I passed the NY bar because I used Vinco.

I was lucky enough to have Kerriann as a professor, and after I failed the NY bar the first time she reached out to me and told me all about her services and how much she believed in me. I chose not to go with a private tutor and I failed for the second time. Once again, Kerriann reached out and assured me that she could teach me the tools I needed to pass. I signed up for Vinco  ahead of taking the NY Bar for the 3rd time, a decision I wish I had made the first time I took it. Kerriann maximized my (extremely) busy schedule, and gave me the tools, I didn’t realize I needed, to pass.

It doesn’t matter if you are dedicating all of your time to studying or working while studying, she will make every minute count and give you constant updates with how she feels you are doing throughout the process, contact Kerriann and you will not regret it.


The first time I took the bar exam I used one of the major bar review companies, following their “cookie-cutter” style plan, and I failed by 5 points. The second time I took the bar exam, I used the same company, but I changed certain assignments and focused on different areas than the core curriculum wanted me to. I changed my studying to focus on areas I felt I needed, and made some general adjustments to improve my chances. I still failed by 5 points.
I spoke with Kerriann about where she thought I should go; if there was a better review company that was cheaper that I might want to try. She recommended Vinco, because she felt I was a good candidate. On day one, after reviewing my bar exam score sheets and some of my essay writing for the test, she immediately diagnosed my biggest flaw, and explained to me how to fix it in a way that was easy to understand. I made the adjustments she suggested, worked to hone those skills, and followed her plan faithfully. When I took the Bar Exam the third time, I passed by 30 points, and can now be admitted to practice in any jurisdiction in the UBE, not just the state in which I live. 
The structure of Kerriann’s review is not like typical bar review companies that believe in the “one-size fits all” style of review. She tailors her assignments to your specific needs. The individual meetings she holds every week are a perfect time to get pointers, to have her work with you through the material you’re struggling with, and for her to help boost your confidence levels down the line. I am convinced that had I not taken Kerriann’s program I would still be attempting to pass the test. I highly recommend this program to any who hope to succeed on the bar exam.


I met Kerriann during my second year of law school and worked with her while I was studying for the bar. She has provided me constant support and guidance since day one. She taught me skills that helped me get on our school’s Dean’s List for four straight semesters and graduate with honors. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in my myself during some of the most stressful times in law school and bar prep. Kerriann’s unique approach really got through to me – she was honest, down to earth, and cared about me not only academically but as a person.

My commercial bar prep company was over working me and not giving me what I needed during the final weeks of review. Kerriann developed a personalized study plan for my last few weeks of prep which was a game changer. I am happy to say that I passed the bar exam on my first try! I could not have done it without Kerriann’s detailed essay feedback and the personalized strategy plan she put together for me. I highly recommend Kerriann to students who need help with their writing skills. She is the queen of IRAC! I cannot thank her enough for helping me through both my law school and bar exam journeys.


I was referred to Kerriann after I failed a second bar exam 25 years subsequent to having passed my first bar exam. Kerriann kept me on track and was incredibly responsive as life presented obstacles.  She listened to my concerns and instilled the will to persevere in me.  We came up with a game plan together which worked.  Immediately after taking the bar this time, I truly felt like I’d done everything I could to prepare.  I recommend Kerriann whole-heartedly.


Kerriann was a referral I should have taken advantage of the first time around. She remains a source and tutor that was pivotal to my success in passing the NY bar. Initially, my confidence was lacking and it was something I struggled with throughout bar review. Kerriann was compassionate and knowledgeable about the best plan for me. With daily affirmations, accountability, and substantive practice, my skills improved. I felt confident that she was a good fit due to her approach and the individualized plan she made for me. I was very much focused on the time I spent studying and following the bar review schedule until I met Kerriann who helped me get passed the 6 points margin from the 1st time. She taught me how to devote my time to the proper resources, not “everything”, and how to beat the test! Her concern for my well-being and how I remained balanced was also instrumental and encouraging. Simply put, she is an amazing tutor, coach, and cheerleader who truly believes in your success. When I passed so did she!

Miriam L.

I worked with Kerriann while I was studying for the New York State bar exam the second time around. I was feeling discouraged and did not know where to start with studying again. Kerriann was more than just a tutor to me. She was more often a friend, a supporter, a motivator, and someone that kept me focused. She was there every step of the way not only making sure I was doing the work, but also making sure that the work I was doing was beneficial to me. What I found most amazing about Kerriann’s technique was the fact that she cared about how I was doing. Yes, the work was important, but she taught me that the more I took care of myself, the more productive I would be and the more likely I would see positive results. And she was right! I passed the bar exam the second time around, not by studying longer hours or by knowing more information, but by taking care of myself, being confident in myself, and using my time more productively. All of these things, along with Kerriann’s study techniques, are no doubt part of the reason behind my bar exam success. Thanks Kerriann!


I met Kerriann during my first year of law school. One of the things I appreciated the most is her commitment in helping others. She made herself available to me, whether she helped me with a homework assignment, taught me the skills and techniques of how to perfect a law school essay, or even just listened to me talk or vent. Kerriann’s constant motivation and her always striving to make sure I did well is what quickly turned her from a tutor into a good friend. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. As a law student, ensuring that you have some type of a stress-reliever is a necessity and Kerriann was definitely one of mine! I am so thankful to have had her as a support system through one of the most challenging journeys of my life!

Gail Z.

I did not do well the first time I took the New York State Bar exam, I was a nervous wreck who could not get out of her own way. I decided to take the test again, but was even more nervous the second time around. I decided to start working with Kerriann Stout, and this eliminated my concerns. Right from the start, she helped me relax with her honest support and well-designed study plans. The Bar exam is an overwhelming mind game, but Kerriann helped me prepare in the most efficient and productive manner. Our goal wasn’t just to have me pass the bar, but to excel and get a great score. That is why, three months after the test, the material is still in my brain, a part of my legal knowledge. Kerriann got me ready for the NYS Bar exam in the least stressful way possible. Her approach ensured that I had all the materials I needed and was in the proper head-space once I sat down to take the exam. Just doing this would be amazing, but she also helped me get through the whole process with all of my relationships healthy and intact. She was able to accomplish this through her brilliant mental support and I could not have done this without her.

Karra B.

I met Kerriann after my first year of law school. I had done very poorly and had so much anxiety. Over the next few months after she started tutoring me she did not only help pick up my grades but she also helped me to become less anxious when taking my exams, helping me to become more confident. We worked together weekly and she helped me target areas that had been my downfall on exams. All of her advice, from when and how to approach outlining, to how to properly structure an essay led to a change in my study habits that not only improved my grades, but improved the way I approached law in school in general. Her advice gave me a lot more confidence, and helped me realize that first semester grades do not have to define your entire law school career. I would highly recommend Kerriann to every student not only those that are struggling!

Marcello B.

Working with Kerriann has been a wonderful experience for me. She has helped me improve in areas such as legal writing, legal analysis, and test taking. I feel more confident in my ability to write and perform well on law school exams. In addition, Kerriann has helped me manage the stress that comes with law school by implementing a daily schedule to complete tasks. This has helped me to become organized and more efficient in completing my assignments. I highly recommend working with her.