How stressed out are you about taking the bar exam?

How confident are you that you'll pass the bar exam on the first try?

Have you taken any bar preparation courses in law school?

Do you perform better when you have accountability?

How likely are you to implement feedback?

Are you willing to work hard?

How familiar are you with the different parts of the bar exam and the strategies to be successful on each part?

How effective are you at managing your time?

Is Bar Exam Coaching Right For You?
Hell Yes!

Woohoo, you are an excellent match for bar exam coaching. While you might be pretty freak out about bar prep and maybe not feeling super confident passing, you are totally teachable and willing to work hard to see results. You can TOTALLY do this and it would be our absolutely honor to help you reach your bar exam goals. If you're ready to pass the bar exam with less stress and more confidence head over to vincoprep.com/coaching.
Quite possibly!

To continue to explore the bar exam coaching process head over to vincoprep.com/coaching!
Maybe not.

Hey, no worries! The coaching process isn't for everyone. Some people fly better solo. If these results surprise you and you still want to explore a coaching relationship head over to vincoprep.com/coaching for more information.

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