Meet Anashia
Anashia is a current graduate student studying School Counseling. When she isn't studying and going to online classes, she is using her platform to uplift and spread knowledge about the yogic lifestyle as she is also a certified yoga instructor. With experience struggling to find her voice she has committed 2022 to that exactly. Along with her IG @mariposmentality and podcast @BreatheThoughItPodcast she aims to share tips and tricks for empaths who are maneuvering through the world as highly sensitive people, or HSP's. She understands the importance of being authentic and strives to create an online space where people feel comfortable enough to reflect on their own life experiences through her own expression, in order to move forward with clarity, purpose, and intention in order to be their best selves, in all aspects. Be it as a student, a parent, a teacher, a yogi, or even just a human.
Posts by Anashia
Breathing Through Seasonal Affective Disorder: The Beauty of Blooming in Spring

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed their April and has been taking the time needed to prioritize their well-being as much as possible. With May finally here along with warmer weather, my intentions for this blog post is to raise awareness for the role warmer weather plays on our mental health, especially for those of us who may be in college, studying, and or just have obligations in their lives that require a lot of energy to the point that sometimes we begin to lose our balance.

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Chapter 2: Breathing Through Internships

As a graduate student finally being able to obtain an internship after not having to do this in almost 3 years, I found myself reflecting on this new experience. Currently obtaining a graduate degree in school counseling, it has been a hassle trying to grab an internship placement, especially with COVID restrictions and post COVID protocols in place that are much stricter. But today, I am happily writing to you from a space of gratitude after my first day shadowing a school counselor! I thought to myself, “this month’s topic should be about internships–what they are, the benefits, and important things to remember”.

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