Sometimes this whole “being an adult and having a career” thing is for the birds.

You worked hard in school and had big plans for your professional life after graduation. Maybe you even went on to graduate school to pursue your passions in more depth. But, today something is missing. Do you like your career path but hate your current job? Do you want to transition to a new career entirely? Are you ready to start your own business or do you need some help with your current business? It can feel really discouraging to be at this place in life where you are supposed to have “made it” but something still feels off. This is where the Vinco Professionals team and resources come in with our career coaching and career consulting services. We’ve got solutions for all of these problems, and more.

“Vinco provided instrumental support

as I began my business. I was able to get guidance on implementing systems, generating business, hiring, and more. My coach even helped me transition from my full-time job to full-time entrepreneurship.  Now that I have been in a business for a while, I know for sure that having worked with Vinco, in the beginning, saved me time, gave me a jumpstart, and helped me avoid costly mistakes."

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Gil B.

Why work with Vinco professionals?

You want to leverage your strengths professionally

Maybe you get upset when your boss gives you feedback. Maybe you get pumped up over certain projects and miserable over others. Maybe you despise working closely with others. You have a lot of big feelings about your professional life, but you don’t understand where they come from. Vinco’s Personality Profile will help you discover your strengths and learn how to accommodate your weaknesses. We can’t stop your boss from assigning that awful task you don’t want to do, but we can make it more manageable!

You desperately need help with your business systems

If managing your business is feeling overwhelming and disorganized, a Systems Refresh is in order. Every business starts with its owner. During your Systems Refresh, your Vinco Coach will produce your Personality Profile and create systems for you to implement in your personal and professional life to create more ease in your workflow.

You want intensive 1:1 support to take your business to the next level

Business is scary. This is true whether it is day one or several years in. Sometimes, you just need someone on your team to walk with you side-by-side. You need someone to not only help you create your plan for success, but also help you implement it and troubleshoot when things inevitably go awry. If this sounds like you, head straight to our Incubator page for more info!

Take the next step in your career or business today and get started with our professional career coaching program