Does passing the bar exam feel stressful, overwhelming, and sometimes even impossible?

Get a custom plan and support from experienced private bar exam coaches to turn your dream of passing the bar exam into a reality.

Countdown To The July 2024 Bar Exam


“Before working with Vinco,

I failed the bar exam twice by following one of the major bar review companies’ “cookie-cutter” plan. On day one with Vinco, after reviewing my bar exam score sheets and some of my essay writing for the test, my coach immediately diagnosed my biggest flaw, and explained to me how to fix it in a way that was easy to understand. I made the adjustments she suggested, worked to hone those skills, and followed her plan faithfully. When I took the bar exam the third time, I passed by 30 points, and can now be admitted to practice in any jurisdiction in the UBE, not just the state in which I live.”

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Matthew F.

What makes Vinco different?

We’re more than bar exam tutors, we’re bar coaches.

What does “Bar Exam Coach" even mean? It means we see you as a whole person, not just as a test-taker. It means we answer emails and messages like “My kid was throwing up all night and now I’m behind on my study plan, what should I do?”, “I have an extra few hours today, how should I spend it?”, or “I’m having a full blown meltdown right now, can you talk?” It means we care about your mental health and relationships. It means we make sure you don’t sacrifice your well-being to be successful. It also means that we start with the premise that you’re intelligent and capable enough to pass the bar exam and our role in your story is creating a plan to leverage your abilities to succeed on exam day. Our primary focus isn’t to teach you the law. Rather, we teach you how to learn the law. Not because we don’t want to teach law, but because through the years we have found this system to be most effective for our students. We create custom study plans and hold you accountable. We teach you the skills and strategies you need to be successful. We give you feedback. We tell you when it is time to take a break and when it is time to step on the gas. We help you become the bar exam warrior you were destined to be so that you can walk into test day feeling prepared and confident. Our system has helped students improve their performance on all the components of the UBE including, MBE, MEE, and MPT test questions.

To us, bar exam coach means we go beyond the role of a private bar exam tutor and actually become your coach, teammate, and cheerleader all rolled into one.

Tough like a mom, cool like a friend.

We have mastered mom (and dad) guilt. We expect you to show up and work hard, maybe harder than you’ve ever worked in your life, every single day of bar prep. And, we won’t accept excuses. Not because we are mean (because we definitely are not) but because we know what it takes to pass the bar exam. We wouldn’t be doing our job (or help you reach your goal) by letting you off the hook.

So, we’ll push you. Hard. All the time. But, you’ll never be alone. Your coach, your classmates, and the greater Vinco community will be there by your side every step of the way. We give epic pep talks, lend virtual shoulders to cry on, and are a source of calm in a crisis. We are fixers and problem solvers. And, you can expect us to show up and work hard every day as well. We aren’t just a group of test-takers and coaches, we’re a family.

We take your success seriously, not ourselves.

Just because you have to take the bar exam, doesn’t mean it has to suck. Listen, we’re all here to achieve one goal: you passing the bar exam. But, we firmly believe it doesn’t have to be the terror-inducing, utterly miserable experience that most students go through. Being completely stressed out all of the time doesn’t help you pass the bar exam. We lighten up bar prep with high-energy coaches, a positive and supportive community, and bonus group coaching calls (complete with contests and prizes). We also have a bar exam coach who writes and sings songs about the bar exam, if that’s your thing.


Vinco's 3rd annual Virtual Bar Exam Summit is here! What can you expect from this intensive program? 30 workshops on all things bar exam strategy! You will learn how to approach each part of the bar exam, create a study schedule, get your bar exam mindset in check, and much, much more. There are also workshops with targeted strategies specifically for repeat-takers included. Join our Bar Exam Experts breaking down strategies and giving you the inside scoop on how to pass the bar exam with less stress and more confidence.

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Connected is a monthly e-magazine published by Vinco with curated content for college students, law students, bar exam takers, business owners, and professionals. In today’s world of non-stop and questionably reliable information, Connected is designed to provide high-quality news, advice, and information in alignment with Vinco's core values of diversity, community, courage, balance, and efficiency. This magazine is for civic-minded, action-taking young adults and professionals who share these values and want to continue to learn and grow.

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Head over to Vinco’s new series that highlights all of the amazing things our alumni have accomplished now that they’ve passed the bar exam. They share their bar exam journey, all their best tips and tricks for passing the bar exam, and inspiring stories to keep you going. We hope hearing their stories helps you to get “beyond the bar exam” as well!

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The Vinco blog offers tons of free articles written by experts to help you with your bar exam journey! 

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Discover how the Vinco Method has helped students just like you:

Bar Exam Coaching: What’s my investment?

The faster you pass the bar exam, the faster you get to start your career. How much is not getting this exam over with costing you? More than any of us want to think about! Allow our bar coaches to help you put the exam behind you so that you can get on with your life.

What's Included


What’s included:

  • 10 hours of 1:1 bar exam coaching
  • Unlimited grading of essays and MPTs
  • 8 weekly group coaching calls (hosted live, recordings available)
  • PASS sheet:  A customized daily schedule for every day of bar prep
  • Bar Exam Blueprint: Custom strategies for the MEE/MBE/MPT and memorization based on your learning style
  • Messaging access to your coach between calls with a 24-hour response time 7 days a week!
  • 3 Part MEE workshop (videos and worksheets) 
  • 3 Part MPT workshop (videos and worksheets) 
  • Access to Vinco's Prewriting Template (and how to use it) 
  • Access to Vinco's Prewritten Essay Templates
  • The Vinco Mindset Workshop Bundle (8 workshops to help you keep your mindset strong during bar prep)
  • $100 towards additional bar prep materials (need some more MBEs? A new set of outlines? those fancy flashcards? Vinco will reimburse you up to $100 on qualifying bar prep materials to be used in the administration you are working with Vinco!)
  • Time and stress management support
  • Accountability to stay on track and reach your goals
  • An amazing community of coaches and fellow bar exam takers to make bar prep suck a little less
  • PMBR 3-Day: A Full-length practice MBE exam with an immersive question-based review, The PMBR Red Book (including 650  practice questions and explanations), and a 1,300 question Qbank with detailed explanations. In addition, your coach will have access to an additional 1,000 question MBE bank to make you custom MBE quizzes!
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*Payment plans available upon request
*Purchasing a coaching package holds your spot but does not guarantee service. If at the preliminary meeting we decide (either you or us) that working together is not a good fit, your purchase price will be refunded in full.
*Purchasing a coaching package does not guarantee bar passage (we know you know that, but we have to say it because #lawyers)

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