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MEE Study Tips – Part 1

You’ve now mastered the MBE, so let’s move on to the MEE. Just to reiterate, these tips are broad stroke tips meaning that they can be applied generally by everyone.

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MBE Study Tips – Part 2

Let’s pick up where we left off with more tips on how to study for the MBE. If you have not already, take a look at my prior posts to help lay the foundation for these tips.

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How to Pass the Bar Exam on Your Second Try

It’s that time of year. July bar exam results have come out in many states. While some people are celebrating, others are receiving disappointing news. Unfortunately, not everyone passes the bar exam on their first try. If you are one of those people, you might find yourself wondering what your chances of passing the bar exam are on your second try, and how best to study for the bar exam the second time.

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MBE Study Tips – Part 1

Now that we have discussed the sections of the UBE and why studying for this exam will be wayyyyyyy different than studying for law school exams, it’s important to discuss HOW to study for each of these sections. Ultimately, everyone will find what works for them which may differ by person, but there are some important tips to know before you even begin your preparations.

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