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Why Is Law School So Difficult?

Previously on this blog, we’ve talked about how to best prepare for law school. There are a lot of things you can do before and during law school to set yourself up for success. But even the most prepared students will likely still find law school a challenge.

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Chapter 4: Resourcefulness: The Secret to Success in College

One of the greatest parts about moving onto my college campus during my first year of school was the incredible variety of academic resources and success tools that were now in my reach as a student. Whether you reside on your campus or not, as a college student you likely now have access to a long list of academic advisors, mentors, libraries, and tutoring services offered by your university. The importance of these scholastic resources cannot be overstated, as the student who rightfully takes advantage of these facilities is the student that will have a leg up throughout their higher education experience.

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MBE Study Tips – Part 1

Now that we have discussed the sections of the UBE and why studying for this exam will be wayyyyyyy different than studying for law school exams, it’s important to discuss HOW to study for each of these sections. Ultimately, everyone will find what works for them which may differ by person, but there are some important tips to know before you even begin your preparations.

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Chapter 07: The Socratic Method, Part 1 – Friend or Foe? Or Just Something to Scare You? Or Maybe All Of It

Time to talk about the thing that all law students fear before they even step foot in their first class: the dreaded Socratic method. You may have heard about it from a friend that went to law school. You may have been told it’s the worst part of your 1L year. But to overcome our fears of this, the first thing we have to do is understand what it is and why law students despise it so much. Sooooooo…what is it and why use it?

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