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Chapter 5: Know When It’s Time to Celebrate You!

To the young black girl with the big brown eyes, big dreams, big ambitions but small confidence, why do you forget the trail of diamonds and glitter you leave behind in every room you enter? Why do you shrink and downplay your abilities to make others more comfortable? Why do you let a world of problems overwhelm you when you know the power you hold within?

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How to Email a Professor About Your Grades

After you get your grades in college, you may have questions. Maybe your grade was not what you expected, and you’d like clarification about why. It may seem intimidating to email your professor about your grades, but professors get these types of emails all the time and most appreciate an open dialogue with their students. Here are some tips about how to email your professor about your grade, so that you can get the information you need and make it a learning experience.

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Chapter 4: Conquering Fear

We first-generation students are rarely ever “one trick ponies”. More often than not, we find ourselves having our hands in many pots: school, extracurricular activities, jobs, maintaining a social life, etc.

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Chapter 3: Gunfire at Sea

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend the Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government. It was a three-week school that brought together folks from across the country to learn about different challenges faced by state and local government agencies, some techniques for addressing them and perhaps most importantly, meeting people who do what you do and getting a network of resources for feedback and support.

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Breathing Through Seasonal Affective Disorder: The Beauty of Blooming in Spring

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed their April and has been taking the time needed to prioritize their well-being as much as possible. With May finally here along with warmer weather, my intentions for this blog post is to raise awareness for the role warmer weather plays on our mental health, especially for those of us who may be in college, studying, and or just have obligations in their lives that require a lot of energy to the point that sometimes we begin to lose our balance.

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Chapter 4: Know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play

As I’ve gotten older, I started to resonate with the phrase “all work and no play makes Jim a dull boy”. As life has become more hectic and demanding, finding the balance between work in play has not been easy. Many times, I find myself bribing myself with a break or any form of enjoyment if I finish x amount of work. As helpful as that could be, it also can be potentially harmful. This is because you start to associate productivity with being deserving of rest or the pleasures of life. Sometimes it’s okay to finish 1-2 things off of your list and still decide to take the night off. Maybe you were not able to even start work today… this does not mean you should punish yourself until you get the work done. I have learned this lesson the hard way. I would force myself to check boxes off of my list for the sake of productivity without realizing I was not fully present while completing any of the tasks. There is nothing worse than wasting time by forcing yourself to do work that, in your eyes, is not considered quality.

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