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Chapter 4: Resourcefulness: The Secret to Success in College

One of the greatest parts about moving onto my college campus during my first year of school was the incredible variety of academic resources and success tools that were now in my reach as a student. Whether you reside on your campus or not, as a college student you likely now have access to a long list of academic advisors, mentors, libraries, and tutoring services offered by your university. The importance of these scholastic resources cannot be overstated, as the student who rightfully takes advantage of these facilities is the student that will have a leg up throughout their higher education experience.

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How to Cram for An Exam

Let’s be real for a moment – cramming for an exam is not ideal. Properly studying for an exam takes time – reviewing material, memorizing, doing practice exams. Those things should not be crammed in the day, or night, before a test. But sometimes even the most prepared students find themselves short on time to study.

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Chapter 2: The First Week of Classes: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Arguably, an incoming freshman’s most highly-anticipated and simply over-thought-about week of the year is the infamous Syllabus Week, when students finally meet their course professors and get a sneak preview of the semester that lies ahead. I’ll be honest, when I began my very first week of college classes, I expected Syllabus Week to be a week of ease – no due dates for at least a week, right?

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