The time is now to take your next step towards success.

You are intelligent and capable enough to reach your goals. You just need a little help figuring how to best use your skills to get there. That is where Vinco comes in. Our role in your success story is offering tools and creating plans to leverage your unique abilities. We can help you figure out how college works, master the law school game, pass the bar exam with less stress and more confidence, and make progress in your career or business. Don’t spend another minute feeling frustrated and lacking clarity about your academic or professional goals. Work with the Vinco team to avoid staying stuck and delaying your dreams. No matter what your academic or professional goal is, we’ve got a plan to help you get there.

So, how can we help YOU succeed today?


Maybe you haven’t started yet and want to gain an edge or maybe you’re a few days, weeks, or even months into college and need some help. Whatever landed you here, a Vinco college coach is on standby to help you reach your goals. Need help cramming for a final? We’ve got you covered. Just want to figure out how this whole college thing really works? No problem. You can get started today.

Law School

Law School can be a rude awakening for the type-A high, achievers that it attracts. For most of your academic life, you’ve had a pretty good handle on things: you’ve been moving along, feeling like you have everything under control. And then BAM! law school happens, and all of a sudden you’re wondering WTF is going on… like all the time.

Listen, we’ve been there, done that, and picked up some tips and tricks along the way that can help you reach your goals. We don’t want you to spend another minute struggling with outlining or being confused about what your professor expects you to write on your final exam. From case briefing to IRACing and everything in between, the Vinco Law School team has your back.

Bar Exam

The dedicated coaches on the Vinco Bar Exam team have one mission: to help you pass the bar exam with less stress and more confidence. Whether you need a little extra support writing essays, or want comprehensive 1:1 coaching throughout bar prep, we have a solution for you. We firmly believe that just because you have to take the bar exam, doesn’t mean that it has to suck. When you get plugged into the Vinco Bar Exam community, you don’t just get bar prep support, you also gain a community of coaches, fellow students, and alumni to cheer you on through the entire process.


Once you are part of the Vinco family, the learning never stops! After your academic journey, the Vinco Professionals team is here to support your career as well. On the hunt for a job? Schedule a Personality Profile session to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and craft the perfect resume. Ready to start your own business? Apply for our Incubator program, where one of our coaches will guide you from idea to launch day. Feeling like your business is stuck and disorganized and leaving you a little bit stressed? Try a Systems Refresh.

Get Connected

Connected is a monthly e-magazine published by Vinco with curated content for college students, law students, bar exam takers, business owners, and professionals.

In today’s world of non-stop and questionably reliable information, Connected is designed to provide high-quality news, advice, and information in alignment with Vinco's core values of diversity, community, courage, balance, and efficiency. This magazine is for civic-minded, action-taking young adults and professionals who share these values and want to continue to learn and grow.


This is not just a trendy word to put on our website. Diversity is e v e r y t h i n g to us at Vinco. We believe that everyone deserves to see role models who look like them, and a core mission at Vinco is to create those role models. We value diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, immigration status, socioeconomic status, and more. Our differences make us stronger, more inclusive, and better problem solvers. Diversity isn’t just something we aim for, it is who we are.

Vinco doesn’t exist without community. We care deeply about our students, coaches, and alumni. And the best part? They care deeply about each other, too.

A lot of the work we do together is scary. Show up and do it anyway.

we don’t want you to sacrifice your mental health and emotional well-being to reach your goals.

Let’s work smarter, not (necessarily) harder.

Who we are

The Vinco Team is, proudly and unapologetically, not comprised of people who graduated #1 in their class at the “best” schools. Some coaches struggled to figure out how college worked, others cried during law school final exams, some did not pass the bar exam on their first try, and others had the audacity to make mistakes and missteps as they started their careers or businesses. We’ve all known struggle, and we have persevered.

These are not our flaws, they are our superpowers. Tough life experiences breed compassionate and empathetic teachers, who can identify problems and help to solve them. THAT is who we are. That is the standard to which we hold ourselves. So, If you are looking to belong to an elite club of the “smartest” people with the highest test scores and the most awards, to whom everything instinctively comes easy, keep looking.

But, if what you seek is a group of people who have been exactly where you are, figured out the path to success and made it, and are now here to show you the blueprint and walk with you side by side on your journey, WELCOME! Our table is large enough for all who want to sit with us (plus, we have better snacks than the other guys).

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