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Connected is a free monthly e-magazine published by Vinco. Vinco provides 1:1 academic and professional services to college students, law students, bar exam takers, business owners, and young professionals. Each month, we feature engaging and dynamic content that is specifically created for each of these groups.​

In today’s world of non-stop and questionably reliable information, Connected is designed to provide high-quality news, advice, and information in alignment with Vinco's core values of diversity, community, courage, balance, and efficiency. This magazine is for civic-minded, action-taking young adults and professionals who share these values and want to continue to learn and grow.

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    This is not just a trendy word to put on our website. Diversity is e v e r y t h i n g to us at Vinco. We believe that everyone deserves to see role models who look like them, and a core mission at Vinco is to create those role models. We value diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, immigration status, socioeconomic status, and more. Our differences make us stronger, more inclusive, and better problem solvers. Diversity isn’t just something we aim for, it is who we are.

    Vinco doesn’t exist without community. We care deeply about our students, coaches, and alumni. And the best part? They care deeply about each other, too.

    A lot of the work we do together is scary. Show up and do it anyway.

    we don’t want you to sacrifice your mental health and emotional well-being to reach your goals.

    Let’s work smarter, not (necessarily) harder.