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How to Best Prepare for Law School

Summer is here. If you are starting law school in the fall, you might be wondering “How can I best prepare for law school?” Properly preparing for law school can help you make the most of your first year.

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How to Email a Professor About Your Grades

After you get your grades in college, you may have questions. Maybe your grade was not what you expected, and you’d like clarification about why. It may seem intimidating to email your professor about your grades, but professors get these types of emails all the time and most appreciate an open dialogue with their students. Here are some tips about how to email your professor about your grade, so that you can get the information you need and make it a learning experience.

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Is The Bar Exam Hard?

Is the bar exam hard? And which state has the hardest bar exam? These are questions law students frequently ask. Until a few years ago, there were definitely states that were known for harder bar exams, and states that were known for easier bar exams.

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What is Dicta? Learn the Legal Definition

When you begin law school, there will be many new phrases and terms you’ll need to learn. Some, you may have heard before. But one term that is usually new to most students is “dicta.” What is dicta? What does dicta mean and why is it important for you to understand the role it plays in the law?

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