Meet Kerriann
Kerriann Stout, Vinco founder and CEO, brings nearly ten years of experience working in higher education and legal education to the Vinco community. In 2014 Kerriann founded Vinco as a bar exam coaching company to help students pass the bar exam with less stress and more confidence. Through the years, Vinco has organically grown to meet the needs of their community and now offers services for college students, law students, bar exam candidates, and professionals.

Kerriann is also an Adjunct Professor at the college, master's, and law school levels. As an Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Kerriann teaches courses such as Public Policy, State and Local Government, Individual Liberties and the Bill of Rights, Leadership and Advocacy, Government Administration, and Politics Through Film. At the Master's level Kerriann teaches courses in Communication, Advocacy, and Leadership and Legislation and Regulation. As an Adjunct Professor of Law, Kerriann teaches courses in law school preparation and study skills, and bar preparation.

For several years, Kerriann was a columnist with both Above the Law and Ms. JD writing about topics relating to law school and the bar exam. Kerriann has also presented at multiple conferences on topics such as learning styles, bar exam preparation, law school study skills, and other related topics.
Posts by Kerriann

This is a blog about my mental health journey. If reading about issues relating to anxiety, depression, and panic attacks is triggering for you, please be advised.

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The Nervous Breakdown That Saved My Business

Last summer, I had a nervous breakdown. I don’t mean I was overwhelmed, I don’t mean I was more stressed than usual. I mean a sitting in a closet, needing help to walk to the bathroom, unintentional hunger strike type of nervous breakdown. It was really something. And, while I never, ever want to experience that again, I’m not sorry it happened. There is something freeing about a lifetime of anxiety exploding out of you all at once.

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