This is a blog about my mental health journey. If reading about issues relating to anxiety, depression, and panic attacks is triggering for you, please be advised. 


Hi, I’m Kerriann! It is highly possible since you’ve seen me around the Vinco website before because I’m kinda a big deal (not really, I just founded the company). In addition to being Vinco CEO, I am an adjunct professor of law and political science and a Ph.D. candidate in political science. I also have generalized anxiety disorder, depression, and a panic disorder. Nice to meet you!


I’ve wanted to start this column for a really long time. But, for as far as the world has come with mental health acceptance, talking about these things publicly is still intimidating. The thoughts that run through my head are things like “I can’t be a respected professional and have mental health problems,” “no one will take me seriously if they know this about me,” and, my personal favorite, “no one will believe you.”


I don’t know. Maybe some of those things are true to some degree. But, what other people think about me is none of my business. And, if sharing my mental health journey helps just one person feel less alone or step into their power, then it is all worth it. I’ve been helped immensely by those brave enough to share their stories and hope that this is one small way I can pay it forward. 


In this monthly blog, I am going to share my mental health journey: the good, the bad, the ugly, the pathetic, the courageous, and much more. While I plan to share from a variety of angles, my main focus will be how I’ve navigated my mental health conditions as a professional. Most of what I share will be from when I started law school and going forward. 


I think there is a misconception that high performing individuals in traditionally stressful professions are just supposed to be anxious, high strung, etc. I definitely bought into this notion and thought that what I was experiencing was normal and that I was weak for not being able to handle it. Spoiler alert: none of that ended up being true. It turns out that I didn’t have to live on the edge of a cliff emotionally and that I am capable of a full range of emotions without the constant undercurrent of anxiety. 


I come at writing this column from an emotionally healthy place. Does that mean I never struggle with mental health anymore? Of course not. But, it means that writing and sharing about this is not traumatic for me. We are going to cover some heavy stuff each month and it may be triggering for you. I ask you to use your best judgment when interacting with this column.


That’s it for now! I’m really looking forward to sharing my experiences with you. I’ll see you back here next month. 


The information contained in this article has not been written or provided by a mental health professional and is not mental health advice. If you or anyone else has a medical concern or mental health concern, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment.

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Kerriann Stout is the founder and CEO of Vinco Prep, LLC that serves clients with 1:1 support for their academic and professional needs. Kerriann is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at several law schools teaching courses on bar prep strategies and legislation and regulation and is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science. She lives, works, and writes in New York. Read more about Kerriann >