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Chapter 2: Know your boundaries, Know your limits

In a perfect world, every day would be productive and fulfilling… Personally, some of my days are the exact opposite and sometimes I would beat myself up over it. I would experience this ongoing cycle of wanting to do so much but not having the bandwidth to engage in seemingly “basic” tasks. Social media and even college institutions attempt to utter words like mental health and self-care but there is a disconnect in what rest, self-care and catering to mental health looks like.

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Finding the Line: A Crash Course in Law School Boundaries

Reflecting on my law school years always fills me with a solid mixture of nostalgia and terror. I am one of those weirdos who really loved law school, but that “ish” was hard, particularly the first year. Everything was brand new, and I, like many others, went through a lot of personal growth. This required redefining and resetting my own boundaries with the people who were in my life before law school as well as learning to navigate new boundaries with my law school peers, professors, and administrators.

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