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Chapter 08: The Socratic Method Part 2 – How to Overcome Your Fear

In my previous post, we discussed what the Socratic method is, why it’s used, and what makes it so scary. Unfortunately, just talking about WHY it’s so scary does not help you overcome your fears. So, let’s talk about ways that you can overcome this fear of the Socratic method and actually use it to benefit your law school experience.

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Chapter 07: The Socratic Method, Part 1 – Friend or Foe? Or Just Something to Scare You? Or Maybe All Of It

Time to talk about the thing that all law students fear before they even step foot in their first class: the dreaded Socratic method. You may have heard about it from a friend that went to law school. You may have been told it’s the worst part of your 1L year. But to overcome our fears of this, the first thing we have to do is understand what it is and why law students despise it so much. Sooooooo…what is it and why use it?

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Chapter 05: The Power of Mindset in Law School – Part 4

This month we continue our focus on maintaining a positive mindset in your first year of law school. More specifically, we get into your first year mindset and how easy that can turn negative if you let it. These are some ways to refocus your mindset, even when your first year is getting to you.

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Chapter 03: The Power of Mindset in Law School – Part 2

Last month we began our discussion about maintaining a positive mindset in law school and the importance of knowing the true purpose of law school. That first tip was a doozy. Today we focus on a few tips that you can implement while you are in your first year of law school to help refocus your mindset and get the most out of your studying.

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