Chapter 1: What To Look For In Your Job Search

So, as you can see from my bio picture, I am the only Baby Boomer on the Vinco Blog!  And, to be honest, this whole concept of blogging is a tad foreign to me. When I asked Kerriann what I should write about she said something to the effect that “what would a person look for on a Go0gle search to find out about issues that could affect their job.”  Not something I would ever think to do!!

But, what I can share with you in this space are the things that I have learned over the years as to what makes a good teammate in the work environment, and what you should look for in leadership. I look forward to checking in with you monthly!

In this introductory article, I want to start with some basics for those of you on the hunt for a new job, or even your first job.

As you are considering what to do in your career, or what to do next in your career, the biggest thing I can tell you, is, given the choice, do something that you are passionate about.  We all want to get paid fairly for the effort and expertise we bring to a job.  But if you really hate your job, or are bored by it, the money becomes a far less motivating factor.  It is not even in the top five, unless, of course, you work on commissions!  But even then, you won’t be a happy camper and rarely will you be fulfilled.  What often happens is that people quit…. but they stay. By this I mean, …

During your search, here is what I would look for in a leader and in the culture of any place that I might work at:

  • Do they know their colleagues as people? Not just co-workers or professionals, but as real live people.
  • Do they act with integrity? Can you believe in them and their word?
  • Do they recognize that teams, staff work better and are stronger when they bring diverse skills, experiences, and viewpoints?
  • What does the place feel like? Trust your instincts.  Do you hear chatter and interaction?  Or is it library quiet?  What does that tell you?

Now, leadership and culture are one part of the equation, but what about you?  What do you bring to the table?  Do you “perform?”  By that I mean that you display professional initiative, you can do what you were assigned, and you follow through without constant reminders.  Essentially, that you close!  Are you willing to make tough decisions?  And are you a good teammate? Are you committed?  Loyal? Do you step up and own the responsibility of your position? What about your personal integrity? Are you respectful of others?  Such as the customers, whether they be internal or external, the place you work, and their goals and visions!

In my opinion, these are the things that make a great place to work.  When you have exceptional, devoted people working together, they achieve outstanding results. If you can live the values discussed, you make yourself an invaluable part of any place that you choose to work at and become marked for success and advancement.

I hope you find these tips helpful in your job search! I would love to tailor my column to the needs of those reading it. If you have any questions you’d like me to address in an upcoming post please send them to Shienna at [email protected] with the subject line: Advice From Management Question.

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