Vinco was founded on the principle that studying for law school exams and the bar exam does not have to be such an anxiety inducing experience. We offer unparallelled coaching services to law students and bar exam candidates. Each of Vinco’s programs has been uniquely designed to help you master the skills you need and to teach you how to maintain a healthy mindset. Think of Vinco as your coach, teammate and cheerleader rolled into one. As your coach, we teach and reinforce crucial skills for exam writing and stress management. As your teammate, we are here to pick up the slack when the pressure is on and you feel like you just can’t do it alone. As your cheerleader, we believe in your ability to be successful and remind you of it as often as possible. Vinco’s sole purpose for existing is to make your law school and bar exam experience less confusing and less stressful. We can’t wait to help you reach your goals.

Vermont Law School Students: Vinco is currently unable to offer paid services to VLS students. Please avail yourself of all the free resources on this website but do not purchase any products, programs, or coaching sessions. If you are interested in hiring a tutor please contact your academic support department for guidance. Thank you!


Hi, I’m Kerriann, founder of Vinco. I help students conquer their final exams and the bar exam with less stress and more confidence. Helping students succeed in law school and pass the bar exam is my absolute life passion. My career coaching law students started accidently during my 2L year.

I was working as a “Dean’s Scholar” at my law school running studying sessions for 1Ls in Con Law, Torts and Criminal Law and formed some wonderful relationships with my students. The ones that put in the time and effort saw great improvement in their study methods, stress levels and, of course, grades.

The following semester a few of them asked me to work with them privately for Evidence. I excitedly said yes and, while I didn’t really know it at the time, the idea for Vinco was born.

I continued coaching law students for the rest of my law school career. After graduation, I took and passed the New York and New Jersey bar exams. I was still coaching law students and was approached by bar exam candidates for coaching as well.

At this point I decided it was time to turn this casual hobby of mine into a full time job. Vinco was formally founded in 2013 and I have been full steam ahead helping students through law school and the bar exam ever since. Most recently I passed the July 2016 administration of the UBE in Vermont.


My favorite color is purple. Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure and Evidence were my favorite subjects in law school. Contracts and Property were my least favorite. Eggplant parm is my favorite food ever. I am obsessed with watching HGTV. English Bulldogs are the best! I can bake a mean cupcake. I am a founding partner at NY law firm Darian Stout, LLP. Fall is my favorite season. My mother always said I should have been a teacher – it kills me when she is right.